Do you have a little black dress?

I was watching "Ellen" on TV and she really always makes me laugh. I just love what she is all about, being an out lesbian and all. She showed such courage and survived what I remember to be a tough time when she came out.

Anyway, I just wanted to comment on a funny line she said. It was in a promo and the guest, some sort of fashion expert, says something like "Everybody has a black dress" and Ellen replies something like "Well, not everybody!" Of course, there were lots of laughs!

Well, I thought it was funny anyway! The point was --  in case you don't know about Ellen -- is that she always wears pants and is never ever seen in a dress. It was doubly funny for me because I do have a black dress and I certainly have worn dresses and skirts more than Ellen probably ever did, even when she was growing up!

I saw another funny line the other day that went something like "rarer than a gown in Ellen's closet!"

But don't you just love these girls pictured here in their little black dresses! They are all gorgeous! And you know, just like in that silly picture game: One of these girls is not like the other!
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