I love this response from Ashley!

I wish I could have gone
to school like this!
I stumbled upon this response in an interview with the lovely model Ashley George:

The question was:  Did you feel like you should have been born a girl from a very young age and when did you first begin dressing as a girl?

Ashley: Yes I did from my earliest memories I can remember asking my mom if I was male or female and of course she would respond “Well you’re a boy of course!” I never really accepted that LOL! I can remember one time my sister and I dressed up in these bright pink feather boas with clip-on earrings and my favorite little green and red plastic high heels .. and we would stand on the front porch of my childhood home and “wait for our boyfriends to come home from work.” I was never really the outdoors type when I was young, I much preferred to stay indoors and play house or Barbies with my sister. I also LOVED Matchbox cars and had a huge collection of those, I guess I must’ve really confused my parents huh? My obsession with cars continues to this day. I’m a nerd, judge me. = )

Ashley certainly did not turn out to be a boy!
My response would have been very similar, but except for Matchbox cars, I actually had a collection of baseball cards and I also loved to build model cars! So, at the same time, I was also into my sister's panties and other stuff and playing with dolls and then later "playing house" with my sissy friend and the boys that would join us.

I can't say if I confused my parents though. My dad had nothing to do with me and I am sure my mother knew all along about what was going on with me. So, I guess if you are like me you may live or have lived a mixed life: Not totally into female stuff. But heck, a lot of women are into male stuff. I mean look at the women in sports  and now politics and Danica Patrick is the prime example, racing with the boys!

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