This should be the standard sissy uniform!

I saw this outfit on another site. Isn't it just sweet! Sissies like us would look just adorable in something like this!

I have always had the fantasy that the government in the future would make it the law that known sissies would have to show their sissy-ness in public or else face arrest. And of course a sissy would not fare well in a prison, would they? So in order to be left alone, all sissies would dressing like this and of course they would love to do it anyway!

Better yet: wouldn't it be just nice if we sissies and transgendered girls could dress like this on our own free will? Maybe it will come to pass!

I saw a video on YouTube the other day of female sailor in her dress blues come of her ship and kiss her girlfriend right on the dock in front of everybody! Who would have thought that that could ever happen!

But I think rights and advances for the transgendered are lagging behind those for gays. I don't think we would be able to walk down a crowded street like this tomorrow now could we?

Still, I wish I had an outfit like this to wear around house. I think my mistress would love to see me doing my housework in this, even moreso than a black and white french maid uniform!
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