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Kathy bounded out the door toward the car. Naturally, being the gentleman I am, I opened her car door for her and took her bags. I care- fully placed her luggage in the trunk and quickly got back into the driver's seat. Although we both knew what lay ahead this weekend (sex), of course, casual small talk took over. We had known each other for about a year at this time. Sex became something to look forward to for both of us. But, we wanted to put a deliberate twist into our sex to liven things up. Quite a few subject were tossed in the air and commented on as we drove to the motel. But, not much substance to the conversation could be recorded. Ultimately, like all conversations where some anxiety or anticipation is present, the topic we returned to often was the weather. And, ironically, it was an appropriate subject. It was hot. And, it wasn't going to get any cooler.
Through the whole summer, we had exchanged letters. We often met on weekends and had frequent retreats to motels. Sometimes motels could wait, sometimes hotel rooms were paid for in haste with no real sleeping involved, and sometimes we bummed around Indianapolis first to highten the anticipation for what was to come. After each liason, our letters would often jump into the subject of sex--literally. One subject never connected to another. These discussions would often lead to fantasies that we would both someday like to bring to reality. Unknown to myself, one of those fantasies we discussed would soon be reality.
I was soon surprised. Our favorite cuisine for that summer was Korean and Chinese food. As we were sitting in a Chinese restaurant, Kathy casually dropped her plans right in my lap.
"So, Allan, are you up for tonight?"
"Well," I responded, "that all depends on what is going to happen tonight."
Kathy smiled mischievously, "Well, I have a lot planned for tonght. Are you up for a bet?"
Quite surprised at Kathy's new lack of shyness I asked, "Uh, what kind of a bet do you have in mind?"
"Mmm. I have a very challanging bet for you. I bet you I will give you the wildest time of your life tonight. However, there is a switch. If you let me be in complete control of everything from the time we leave this restaurant, I will give you the best and most interesting sex in your life...up until now. But, that is not the bet. I bet you that I can give you the best sex you have had up to this point. If I win, I get as much oral sex as I want for a whole weekend."
"And, if you lose...if you don't give me the best sex I've ever had?"
"I haven't considered losing."
"Oh, so you are so sure you can do this?"
"Yes. But, to be fair, I'll give you this--if I lose, I'll consent to having sex in public with you."
"Even if it is the Mall? In Fredericks?"
"Right. I wouldn't bet this if I wasn't so sure."
"Well, don't be so sure."
"You wait Allan...You wait and see. You'll soon be using that tongue of yours."
"You're on. I'll take that bet."
We finished eating, snickering the whole time, not believing either one of us could win that bet. Admittingly, it seemed pretty bizarre. Not totally out of line, but a little bizarre. I knew Kathy. I wasn't too sure she could do it. Writing about fantasies and what one wants sexually is one thing, but actually doing it is another. As soon as we were finished eating, we took a half hour walk to help digest our food, then drove to the hotel.
Leaving out all the usual exciting pleasantries of getting the room key....
According to the bet, Kathy was in control as soon as we got back in the car from the restaurant. But, I never knew it. I didn't see any evidence of it until we entered the room.
Being the common man I am, I immediately had the boob tube turned on. Within a few seconds, *click* off went the TV.
"Allan, there won't be ANY television tonight. None at all. Now, you accepted this bet, and I am in complete control. Get out of your clothes, put them in the extra trash bag over there and tie it up. Then, go take a shower. Every inch of your body better be SQUEAKY clean. And don't take more than half an hour. I'll get read while you are showering."
Now I knew she was serious. She ignored me as I disrobed. I was a little slow to see what she would do, "Hurry up! What do you think this is anyway. Get those rags off and in that bag!" Now I really knew who was in charge.
I quickly shed the rest of my clothes, placed them in the extra garbage bag that was inside the plastic pail, tied up the sides in a granny knot, and raced into the bathroom. I turned on the shower to a nice warm, strong stream, and began washing my hair. Soon, I had washed my hair three times, cleaned the rest of my body twice, and shaved.
I vigorously dried myself, combed and dried my hair, and brushed my teeth...twice. As soon as I opened the door, I was grabbed and faced toward the motel room door. "You barely made it Allan. Don't turn your head. Keep your nose to the door. You are my piece of meat for the rest of the night."

This was very interesting and exciting. Now only was I being deprived of most of my senses, I was having to pick my own outcome in this punishment! I was in control of my destiny (so-to-speak) yet, Kathy was in total control. It was driving me wild. So far, I felt like she was well on her way to winning this bet! I had never experienced anything like this. It was erotic/semi-humiliation/and exciting.
I was apprehensive. I could pick any number, and it could be anything but Kathy's hand. I decided not to waste any time and anger her. So, I picked number two.

I listened for Kathy as she walked away from me. She went into the bathroom and took a shower herself. I knew better than move. I was never sure when she might be looking. Even though the water was on, I couldn't be sure she wasn't in the shower. It seemed like a long time. I could see out the peep-hole and felt very exposed as I watched people pass by and enter and exit their rooms. What did seem like a long time was not probably. About 30 minutes later, I heared Kathy's voice behind me, "Don't move. I'm putting a blindfold on you."
This was no ordinary blindfold. First, Kathy put a sleeping blindfold over my head. These blindfolds are usually used to sleep in. And, they are quite effective at keeping the light out. But, next, Kathy put a bandana around the blinfold and tied it snuggly on my head. "There, that should keep you deprived of your site."
"Now, put your hands behind your back." Soon, I heard the tell-tale click of handcuffs and felt the cold metal against my skin. "That should keep your hands from getting into trouble. And these sould keep your from running away." The next feeling I had was what felt like handcuffs on my ankles. This confused me. I knew none of the handcuffs I had would even fit!
"These are leg-cuffs. I bought them from a police supply house in St. Louis. When you walk, take small steps. There is only about two feet of chain between them. I don't want you falling. I can't damage my merchandise."
Kathy was playing this role to the hilt!
"Now, turn around big boy. Slowly. I'll guide you."
Kathy was treating me, truly, like meat. As soon as I was turned sufficiently, Kathy stopped me. Then, I felt something rough around my neck. It was a collar. It felt skinny, but big enough to be a dog's collar. Soon, a leash clicked into place around the front of my neck.
"I will lead you now. Follow the pull of the leash, doggie, and you will be quite safe."
Following the leash, I had no idea where I was going. Soon, to my surprising embarassment, my cock began to enlarge and grow to a full erection.
"Now, sit back. There is a chair behind you. When you sit, make sure your knees are parted."
I moved back, hesitantly, until the front of the chair bumped the backs of my legs. Now I knew where I was going. The feeling was reassuring. I sat down and spread my legs as asked. My handcuffed wrists stuck out behind the back of the chair.
"Now," Kathy announced, "about the bathroom. I don't know how many times I ask when we are together, but you left a mess. You'll have to pay. And, you will probably regret the mess you made as I have never spanked a man before, but you don't know how many times I wanted to. So, I have been reserving my feelings for some time. You won't be disappointed. 20 strokes ought to be enough, but, to make sure, I think I will write down some numbers on pieces of paper and let you pick the additional strokes that should make you remember your paddling."
Now I knew she was REALLY serious. But, my cock responded by getting as hard as I think it has been in quite a while. But, how was I going to pick those pieces of paper?
Soon, I found out. Pressed into my face was a hat. I couldn't figure out what kind of hat it was since I hadn't worn any. But, that's what it was. "Open your mouth and grab a piece of paper. There are five in there." Kathy shook the hat a little and replaced it over by face. I opened my mouth and found nothing. So, I stuck out my tongue and touched a piece of paper, brought it to my lips and held on. I Mmhmmed as a signal that I had one.
"Ok, let's see what we have here." Kathy took the paper from my mouth and giggled. "Boy, you are going to get it. This is pretty good. This piece of paper has the number 20 on it! You will be getting 40 on the ass. I will make it read too. Maybe you won't soon forget to be civil and keep after your messes!"
Kathy began tugging on my leash. I got the signal and stood. "What's next Kathy?"
"Did I give you permission to talk, boy? I don't think I did. How would you like to pick another number out of the hat?" I shook my head. "I didn't think so. Consider that a warning."
Kathy then pushed me from behind so that my calves met the bed. I wasn't sure what side. She helped me up to my knees on the bed. "Now, I have planned this for quite some time, as if you didn't notice. In front of you are three instruments. One will be my hand. The other will be your very own belt. And the third will be one of those paddles from a ball and paddle game from WalMart. They don't lay in order in front of you. You will pick a number from 1 to 3. I will then pick that instrument from right to left using the number you give me. I will then use that instrument to give you your well earned spanking. Now pick."

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