Only Anal

George doesn’t mind me cheating but he does lay down one condition, that I only allow my lovers to take me anally. That would be fine, as I really enjoy getting a cock up my ass, which is also one of my best features, but it’s hard to explain to guys that they can’t get pussy and some just flat-out won’t stick it up my pooper.
For instance it took me some persuasion to get my last lover, Alex, to fuck me up the ass because he thought if I was willing to cheat on my husband then withholding my pussy was just stupid.
“You’re cheating on him, Carol, betraying him. So if you can lie to him about sleeping with other men, why can’t you lie to him about letting me fuck your pussy.”
We were lying in his bed in his apartment and I stroked his face to soothe him. “Because I’m not really cheating on him, Alex, is why. I don’t lie to him and he knows what I do. He’s given me permission to have affairs, and I appreciate that. So, I have to show some respect by abiding to the one restriction he places on me. Don’t you like my ass?”
“I love it. It is a thing of beauty, but I don’t fuck asses, I fuck pussies.”
“It’s tighter than my pussy, more fun,” I promised.
“I don’t care.”
“Some guys are crazy for ass fucking.”
“Not me.”
I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. “Do you want me to suck you?”
“No. I want to fuck. Why will your crazy husband not let me fuck your pussy? I promise I won’t get you pregnant.”
“It’s not that, I don’t think. I’m on the pill anyway. I just think that he wants that part of me for himself. But the rest is available, my mouth, my butt.”
“Do you actually like getting it up there?”
“I love it. I come every time.”
“And it don’t hurt?”
“It used to be uncomfortable, when I first started doing it, but it’s not a problem now my pooper’s been well stretched.”
“Does George fuck you up there?”
“So it’s just me that gets shit city?”
“Is that what’s bothering you? Let me assure you, Alex, that I know how to clean out my ass before getting buggered. I’m not exactly new to this.”
“Hell, I’m not bothered about a little bit of shit. It’s this crazy arrangement you have with your husband that has me confused.”

His hands finally tracked behind me and gripped my cheeks. My ass was full but shapely, a woman’ butt, and his fingers dug into my soft flesh. He suddenly seemed to realise that he wasn’t going to get what he wanted and it was my ass or nothing.
“Do you want me to lick it first, get you wet?”
“That would be nice. But you can spank it, if you prefer.”
“Spank it? You are a kinky bitch.”
“I like it and it helps me open up. Wanna do it?”
“I’d like to do both, lick you and spank you. Which do you want first?”
“Oh, spank first, then you can kiss it better.”
“You’ll need to tell me what to do, I’m really new to this.”
I wasn’t surprised, he was a good ten years younger than me, his body hard and strong, the way I liked my men. I was loath to let go of his cock but would have to if I wanted my ass smacked. I rolled onto my belly and stuck my ass up a bit. “Come get it.”

His cock was stiffening nicely, a good sign, promising that I might get what I wanted.
“There’s nothing complicated about it,” I explained, “George allows me to have affairs because he has a lower sex drive than I do. He’s happy getting it once a week but I need it a bit more than that.”
“But only up your ass.”
“It gets me off, which is what I want.”
“You prefer it to pussy fucking?”
“No, maybe, I don’t know. Have you ever fucked a girl up the butt, Alex?”
“Oh, my little anal virgin. You really need to meet more bad girls. Let Carol’s ass break you in. You’ll like it, I promise.”
He put his hand between my legs.
“You can rub it all you want, honey, but you can’t fuck it.”
“But you’re wet, you want it.”
“Yes, I want it.”
“In the pussy.”
“Yes, I want it in the pussy, dammit, but I can’t have it. Listen, I carry a big enough guilt trip sleeping with other men already, don’t try and make it worse. Now either fuck my ass or I’ll get dressed and go home.”
My ultimatum put him on the spot. We worked together and he’d been pursuing me for weeks until I’d finally relented and gone for a drink with him. Which, almost inevitably had led me into his bed.
“All my fantasies about you, Carol, I was always fucking your pussy,” he wailed.
I reached between his legs and got my hands on his balls. “This isn’t fantasy, this is reality. Now I know you don’t hate my ass, the way you were groping it in that bar, how about you follow through with that promise and nail it.”

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