the Sea of Bounties

WARNING: The following story is fictitious and should not be taken seriously. The tortures described are extremely dangerous and could cause serious injury or death.
I am not sure when I stopped believing and gave up on life, humanity……………and all of the other shit.

I answered, “I have to visit the john, be right back.” As I left the room, Alice was beginning another tirade.
I went into the playroom and got my Tazer, I had made my decision.
I returned to the room as Alice was getting into full stride, almost screaming. I walked up to her quickly brought the Tazer up and zapped her on the neck just below the jaw-line.
Alice dropped like a stone and both the brunettes gasped. They sat very still as I approached them, one started to rise. But I triggered the Tazer again and she sat down quickly.
I spoke reasonably, “I do not want to use this, but I will.” adding “now get you asses over there and drag that bitch over to that door.”
They were apprehensive and did not move, so I slapped the younger one very hard. She fell out of the chair, arms and legs flopping about. I noticed though that her tits barely jiggled, that meant they were firm.
I asked the older brunette, “what’s your name slut?”
Again she hesitated, I almost knocked her down and she gasped out, “Ashley…………please don’t hurt us, please!”
I asked the other brunette, “name, cunt?”

Chapter One
As I looked around at my newly remodeled home, I was very pleased. The last of the workmen were boarding the boat that would take them away forever and I could start on my playroom. I had hopes of enticing a female slave or slaves to my island home, as I owned the whole island. It had been a gift from an immensely wealthy man, given to show his gratitude after I had saved his life. He had fallen overboard from a charter boat that I “crewed” as first mate. My reaction was purely spontaneous if I had stopped to think, he would be dead now.
The remodel had cost a fortune especially purchasing the water-driven turbine to generate power and installing it into a fast flowing stream about a mile from the house, but I had been very lucky in the Forex markets. With tips from “moneybags” as I thought of him, I had acquired a very respectable fortune. The money allowed me to do what I wanted and that was to get away from people. Of course, a hot piece of ass was always nice.
I made my evening meal, ate and went to bed. The next morning I began my playroom. I would install the usual stuff, X-fame, rack, stocks, plenty of hooks, posts set into the floor, bed and tables. I placed hooks in the walls, floor and ceiling with hoists hanging from the ceiling. I also installed special cells to hold my slaves.
When I completed the playroom the next step would be enticing bitches to come to my island and if that failed, I would employ my alternative plan. I could buy slaves from a dealer in Hong Kong.
The next few days were filled with getting the room ready.
I had almost completed the room when a storm rolled in from the sea, with strong winds, lightning and pouring rain. The house had been reinforced, it would withstand most of the storms that came along.
Chapter Two
As I sat in my favorite chair and watched the surf pounding the shore, I saw a few glimpses of a red blinking light. I thought, “if that is a boat then I will have dead bodies washing up onto my beach.” What a pain that would be, but hell I guess you can never get away from it all.
I became drowsy and went to bed without another thought about a hapless boat or people. I was awakened early the next morning by someone banging on my door. The noise startled and irritated me, I sleep nude and had to search a short time for something to wear. The pounding continued and now there was shouting, also.
I opened the door to a group of three soaked and bedraggled females, obviously they had spent a night of pure terror.
They all began to speak, I finally had to shout at them to stop them from talking at once. A blonde spoke for the group, “please help us…..our boat was destroyed by the storm, I have never been so scared or so happy to see a house!”
A brunette continued, “do you have a phone or someway to call for rescue?”
I answered and the lie came easily, “no, but a supply boat will arrive in a few days, they can take you to the mainland.”
Again everyone started talking again, I held the door open for them to come inside. Once they were inside, I gathered up what garments that I thought they could wear and passed them out. I directed each to a different room to change. I prepared a meal and as they ate, I took careful note of each of them.
The blonde was statuesque, 44DD, very nice figure, her ass swelled out sexily, she was not gorgeous, but quite pretty. She was about thirty years old.
The brunette was gorgeous, she had smaller tits and her skin tone was dusky………not bad at all. This one wasn’t much older than eighteen.
The other brunette was older, more voluptuous and looked very much like the younger bitch…….mother and daughter? Very nice…………Very interesting. She looked to be forty or maybe a little older.
I decided to ask a few questions before I took any action. I asked the blonde, “did you guys send a distress signal?”
She looked blank and then spoke, “I do not know………..Sam, I mean my husband was blown overboard almost when the storm started……….maybe he did?”
I replied, “it doesn’t matter, the supply boat will along in a week or so and.”
The blonde cut me off with, “A WEEK…………HERE……no, you have a way of communicating….you are hoping to keep us here so you can get laid!” She continued, “now get your mind off of us and make the damn call!”
The older brunette spoke quickly, “Alice stop it, we are in this man’s house as his guest, now show some respect!”
Alice snapped, “I will when he makes the call!”
Chapter Three

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