The Mistresses Pets

It had started like any other day. At the appointed time to serve her, I followed my mistress into the chamber where she told me to get ready. I took off my clothes and kneeled naked in front of her with my head bowed starring at the floor in front of me. I did not know that my mistress had something special in mind for her amusement that day.
I could see the toes of her long leather boots as she stood in front of me. I knew from following her into the chamber that she was wearing her long leather trench coat which was as black as her hair. As she circled round me ensuring that I was clean and well manicured as she demanded I could her tapping her favourite crop against her thigh. When she was behind me I heard the footsteps of her boots on the wooden floor, then the footsteps stopped.

"Doggies got a bone has he...".
She firmly spanked my prick with the crop, leaving it numb for a few seconds.
"Well. I've got a surprise for you, you dirty little slave dog."
She pulled at the lead and caught me off balance almost dragging me to the wall where there was a catch to tie the chain up. The crop was brought down on the right check of my bottom. Renewing the stinging sensation I had experienced earlier.
"Kneel." My mistress commanded.
I knelt , with my still stiff prick pointing up at me as I stared down at the floor.
"You are to stay like that until I return" she ordered. With that she walked out of the door shutting it behind her.

"Slave" she sighed "Do you own a pair of scissors?"
"Yes Mistress", I replied
"And do you have the mental capacity to know how to use them?" she asked.
"Yes Mistress" I answered.
"Then why," my mistress demanded "are you toe nails so fucking long?"
I hadn't realised they were but thought back and calculated that it had been over a week since I had trimmed them. "I'm sorry Mistress", I said apologetically.
"That," she stated "will be ten lashes".
I assumed my position on all fours with my face to the ground and offered my bottom, raised in the air, for punishment.
The first stroke stung the flesh on my buttocks as she brought the crop down on my behind, making a lovely smacking sound.
"One. Thank you Mistress".
The next eight strokes were applied with equal venom before the final stroke of admonishment was delivered with even more force.
"Ten, thank you Mistress you are so kind."I said as a breathed heavily.
My checks were tender and burning and I felt as warm inside as they felt.
I stayed in position as my Mistress walked over to the other side of the room and picked up a dog lead with a leather collar and a silver coloured link chain from a hook on the wall.
"This will be useful" she said. "Lift you head up."
I did as I was told and she fixed the collar round my neck.
She stood in front of me, "Now it's time for walkies." A jerk of the chain and I was down on all fours paddling along behind here as she strode to the other end of the chamber. When she reached the wall she turned and strode back as I struggled to keep up with her brisk pace.
She stopped at the end of the room where our walk had started and I stopped on all fours a couple of feet behind her.
"Lets see the doggie do a trick. Beg for me." my mistress demanded. She yanked the chain up and I sat up on my hunches, looking up at her, my arms bent at the elbow up by my side and my two 'paw' hands bent down obediently.
"Now on your back for me."
I went down on my back, legs up and bent at then knee, my arms still bent at the elbow.
Standing where my feet would have been were they not raised above the ground she looked down at me, her dark brown eyes staring into mine. Slowly she bent over and put the end of the crop gently under my chin. Then steadily she moved it down my neck, going down across my chest over my stomach moving slowly but inexorably towards my cock and balls. She used the leather to gently manipulate my penis which was lying flaccid on my stomach. She gently flicked my member left and right and at the same time the leather caressed my shaft. I could feel my cock start to stiffen as she moved down and massaged my balls with the end of the crop running it carefully and deliberately over my ball sacks before putting the shaft of the crop between my bum crack and rubbing the end of the crop against my scrotum and my arsehole. My cock grew and hardened, something which hadn't escaped the notice of my mistress.

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