blue roses

I spent the early afternoon watching porn while I played with my hairy pussy until I fell asleep.
I was awakened by the sound of thunder as I was lying on the sofa during my late-afternoon nap.
I could tell the storm was getting closer because the floors shook beneath my feet with each roll of the thunder.
I was exhilarated by the electricity in the air as the lightning flashed.
I wanted to SEE the lightning and to HEAR the thunder more clearly, so I ran to the window, tied back the curtains and opened the windows so I could take in the fresh ocean breeze.
I didn’t live on the beach, but I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks as
cool droplets of rain drops kissed my plump, tender flesh as the wind was blew through my shoulder length blonde curly hair, and my pale skin began to tingle.

I began to push my hips forward, hoping his hard throbbing cock would slide into my pussy.
He backed away, pulled my robe apart, and gently removed my breasts from my nighty and began to squeeze and suck on them.
As I was quivering , still pushing my hips upward so I could take him in. I was whispering
“ please, please, please.”
He looked into my pale blue-gray eyes and covered my mouth with a kiss as he began to rub my pussy again.
As he pulled me to the edge of the table, I heard the sound of a vibrator. I wondered
“ How big is it? Where is he going to put it ?”

I was so moved by the power of the storm that I decided to burn some incense and put on some soft, romantic music.
As I felt the wind rushing in, I reached for some lubricant. I applied the lubricant to my hands and I pulled my feet towards my chest and I began to rub them .
Then I began to rub one of my breasts, pinching my nipple until it was erect.
I applied some more lubricant to my hands so I could rub my pussy.
I started by rubbing my clit with my left hand in a circular motion as I used the other hand to play with my foot, becoming more and more aroused as I squeezed each toe.
As I slid my fingers between each toe, my pussy started to throb.
While still rubbing my clit with my left hand, I placed my right middle finger at the entrance of my pussy hole and was just about to push my finger inside when the phone rang.
It was a familiar voice I was very happy to hear.
My pussy was wet and throbbing as I listened to his voice.
I thought that he’d never suspect that I was playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit and squeezing my fingers with my pussy muscles as we spoke, imagining that I was squeezing his cock.
I wanted him so badly that I though of inviting him to have phone sex with me, but then he says
“ Um… I’d kind of like to see you tonight, can you come over ?”
So I grabbed my purse, got into my car and drove over to his house on the beach.
When I got out of the car, I could see he was watching me, looking me up and down.
When I walked through the door, I knew he wanted me.
I admired him as I looked into his dark eyes and touched his dark curly hair .
He took me into an embrace as “ Blue Roses” played softly in the background.
I looked into his eyes and said “ still love me ? ” He just smiled and said “ oh, yeah !”
We began to kiss and as we were kissing, I could feel my pussy getting hotter and more wet.
My nipples began to tingle as I felt them begin to harden and swell.
We kissed for a while when he began to open my long, dark coat.
He seemed surprised to see that I was already wearing an exotic robe with a baby doll nightie underneath.
He walked behind me and began to rub my inner thigh, tugging at my panties , pulling them to one side, and then the other, but still, he did not touch my pussy.
He pulled off my panties and then gently guided me to lay on the kitchen table.
After I was comfortably positioned on the kitchen table, he placed my feet on the table, separated my knees and gently opened my legs .
I started to shiver as I heard the sound of water dripping,, then suddenly, I felt hot water dripping against my pussy followed by a steaming hot wash cloth .
I took in a deep breath, grabbed my titties, and said
“ what are you doing ?”
He said “ I’m shaving your pussy” as he settled into his chair.
Then I felt him rubbing shaving cream all over my ass and pussy.
Using a hot wash cloth, he gently pulled my clit to one side and began to shave me on one side, then the other.
I could hear the sound of the water whenever he’d dip the razor in it and shake it around.
I could feel that hot razor against my pussy and ass as he was shaving me.
When he was finished shaving me, I felt another steamy, hot wash cloth against my pussy, as he wiped away all the shaving cream.
Then he began to rub my pussy as he poured hot water over it.
I felt his hard cock rubbing up against my pussy as he kissed me again.
My breasts were tingling, my thighs were trembling, my pussy was hot and wet, throbbing with anticipation. I wanted him so badly, I wanted to scream. I began to breathe more heavily as I rubbed my breasts.
I could feel the muscles inside my pussy contracting and expanding ,and with each wave of that sensation, I wanted him more.

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