Wanted What Wifey

My sex life mostly consists of sucking Ken off on a Sunday morning. We do fool around a little first. We kiss and Ken feels up my boobies a little and fingers me a bit, but it always end up with me sucking him off. That’s what he wants and I thought that, as his wife, it was my duty to fulfil his desires. My own desires didn’t come into it because for lots of years I literally didn’t have any. I’d never allowed that side of my nature to develop and thought that sex was something for men to enjoy and necessary to make babies. I’d done that for Ken, given him two sons, but I’d never experienced an orgasm, not even when he used to give me some reasonable attention such as licking my pussy and fucking me. That had been in the early years, when he still had a passion for me, but it had been steadily declining as the years passed. It wasn’t that he didn’t love me, just that he found me boring. My body, my sexual experience, weren’t enough to keep him aroused, but that wasn’t my fault. He’d wanted a virgin for a bride and that’s what he’d got, a maiden who knew next to nothing about sex.
I didn’t mind sucking Ken off though, I quite liked it, even if it didn’t give me any direct pleasure. There’s something about having a man’s cock in your mouth which is quite empowering, giving you the feeling that you’re controlling this wild beast.
Sometimes, in the morning, he’d have an erection and I’d manage to wiggle my ass enough to get it inside me. But he always woke up and demanded his breakfast before I could really enjoy it.
I had a friend, Geri, who used to tell me about her sex life with her hubby, Dave. It sounded wonderful as she talked at length about how he romanced her constantly, talked to her, gave her his time and fucked her almost constantly.
So it came as a surprise when she announced to me that she had a lover.
“But .. but, I thought you and Dave were so happy together,” I blurted.
“Oh, we are. In fact Dave introduced me to Jake. They’re going to share me.”
“But I thought your sex life with Dave was so great,” I asked, totally ignorant about such things.
“Listen, honey, the more cock you get, the more you want.”
We were sitting in her kitchen drinking coffee, having deposited our kids at school. We’d been friends for a couple of years and Geri, being a bit of a chatterbox usually did all of the talking. That meant that she knew little about my sad excuse for a sex life. Now, she saw my face, jealous at this woman getting the attention of two men, when I couldn’t even arouse the interest of one. She reached out and stroked my face with her fingertips. “What’s up, honey?”
“Nothing,” I said, straightening up.
“Sure there is. Have I shocked you, telling you I’m going to be a shared wife?”
“Well, a bit, “ I admitted. “I don’t even know what that means.”
She laughed, “Oh, it’s nothing special, just Dave’s agreed to share me with other men. Means I have a licence to be a slut.”
I knew she’d always been flightier than me, though that wouldn’t have been hard, but had imagined that most of what she said was just exaggerated flights of fantasy.
“But how could you? You’re married, you have kids.”
“I also have a sex drive that needs to be satisfied.”
“But you say Dave never leaves you alone.”

“What? What?” I asked, bewildered and unsure if she actually expected me to undress for her.
“Jeans and panties down. I want to see if your pussy’s wet.”
“Don’t be silly. I’m not pulling my panties down.”
She smiled. “Listen, Sandy, I know I’m coming on kinda heavy with you, but I’m trying to be helpful, honest. That requires you to accept what your needs are, and denial isn’t going to help. So, pull the panties down or go home and we’ll pretend this conversation never took place.”
I stared at her. She didn’t seem threatening and she was a woman, after all. It surely couldn’t be any great betrayal to expose myself to another girl. And I was fairly sure I’d be dry between my legs because it took quite a lot to get me going. That would prove all her sexual sophistication to be nothing but pie-in-the-sky.
I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my knees.
“All the way, I want you to be able to spread your legs.”
I scowled but did as she told me.
“And the panties.”

“That’s married sex, which is fun, but ultimately over the years it gets boring. I’m happy with Dave and I love my kids, so I’m not prepared to upset that applecart. The answer to all my needs is to have sex with other men, but with my husband’s approval.”
I couldn’t, wouldn’t, understand it, a woman prepared to break her marital vows, give her body to another man, it seemed perverse if she truly loved her husband.
“I don’t understand,” I said limply.
“What? Don’t you get horny?”
“What do you mean? Do I want sex? Oh yes, Geri, yes. I get nothing from Ken, absolutely nothing, but I don’t think I could cheat on him.”
“You poor sweet,” she said standing up and approaching me, “Tell me about it.”
I started slowly but eventually poured out all my woes to her. How sexually inexperienced I was, how Ken wasn’t interested in me that way any more now that I’d given him the sons he desired, how I’d tried to re-ignite his interest but had failed miserably.
“Seems to me that you’re ripe for a fling.”
I put my hand to my mouth. “I couldn’t.”
“Sure you could.”
“Honest, Geri, I couldn’t sleep with another man.”
She put her arms round my neck. “Who said anything about sleeping? And who said anything about a man?”
She pulled me towards her and her lips sought me out. It seemed so wrong and I tried to push her away but my struggles were in vain. Her lips found mine and she kissed me.
Her lips were soft, her breath sweet and as her moist tongue penetrated my mouth I found myself relaxing and responding to her. I was sitting on a high bar stool and she forced my legs apart and came between them, never taking her mouth from mine.
“You like that?”
“It’s wrong,” I breathed.
“No, it’s not, it’s a good thing. People enjoying each other. I’ve wanted you for a long time, you know. I find innocent-looking girls very appealing. Maybe it’s the witch in me, longing to corrupt them.”
That came as a shock as I’d never suspected that Geri was that way inclined. For that matter I’d never thought about other women myself, I’d always thought I was totally heterosexual, but here I was kissing a woman and enjoying it!
“Geri,” I said desperately, “Don’t do this. It makes me feel weird.”
“It makes you feel good, is what you mean.”
She slipped a hand under my jumper and I felt her press on my belly. Her hand slid up to my breast and cupped it while she moved further between my legs and lodged herself against my groin. Still she kissed on, her hands stroking my neck, my hair, my face. “You taste so good, Sandy,” she murmured, her hand massaging my boob, her kisses moving downward.
“No!” I insisted.
But she didn’t seem to be in the mood to listen to my protestations. She kissed her way down my neck, nibbling at my flesh and making me tingle.
“I’m not a lesbian,” I said firmly.
“Of course you’re not, and neither am I, but we’re going to have some fun together and I’m going to arrange for you to get some cock later, just like you want.”
“No,” I said firmly as her kisses reached my breasts. “I don’t want another man. I’m married and I’m faithful.”
She moved her body back from me and I thought she was listening to my protests, but it was only so she could grab and massage my pubic mound with her hand. “Your pussy says different. It’s hot and I’ll bet if I put my hand inside your panties I’d find you were all wet down there.”
“No you wouldn’t,” I said stupidly, because it left me wide open to having to prove my assertion.
Geri seized the opportunity. “Okay, if it’s wet, I get to kiss it, if it’s dry I’ll leave you alone.”
She moved back from me and I sat there, terrified, unsure of how to respond.
“Don’t be chicken,” she egged me on.

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