Reunion Accidental

it was an assignment which required finding records of old employees and Rajiv, being a prompt worker took the responsibility. He however never thought that the work, which others refused, would eventually turn as a reward to him. In the records of employees came the record of Nikita, who he had worked with. Ten years had passed, when Rajiv was new to this office. Rajiv was 20 then and Nikita 30. Both worked together in close departments but never had a real friendship. However, Nikita had a strained marriage and was living alone then. At her age, at times she flirted with Rajiv, but being new at work, Rajiv never looked at these flirts seriously.
Rajiv was about to complete one year and Nikita had to leave the job. Some of her dues were pending and so her name popped up in the records that Rajiv was gathering. Rajiv found her number and called her to inform her about her dues. Nikita immediately recognized Rajiv and as her bubbly self reminded of the flirts she used to play on him. But now Rajiv was not the old shy guy and enjoyed her flirts.

Rajiv was excited but scared as he was not sure whether she was single or in a relationship. He gathered courage and sent a good night message to her personal number. To his surprise, she replied with a teasing SMS. Nikita was in his arms that night in his dreams. The next day he called her again and spoke general things, after some chat he asked her whether she was settled. Nikita informed that she was still looking; she was staying with her old mother, who was ill. That was the reason; she was not working as well. Rajiv sympathized but in his mind, he was joyful to hear that she was single. The phone calls became frequent with chat going long with every call. There was teasing messages at times from both sides. After a weeks time, Rajiv invited Nikita for tea and also requested for company to watch a movie. Nikita informed that she cannot leave her mother for so long. Rajiv convinced her to go for English movie which are comparatively small in lengths.

 He remembered how babelicious Nikita looked them. After the call, he was constantly thinking of her. He wanted to talk to her again as he had just called earlier to inform her about her dues. Eventually he called her on pretext of settling her dues at the earliest. Nikita was happy to see the concern he showed and welcomed his call. She even gave him another personal number.

Nikita agreed to visit on a Monday afternoon. Rajiv took half day off from office and took her to a multiplex for an English horror thriller. She was not really happy to see the horror flick but she also wanted some change from her routine. Rajiv however teased her saying, she can use his shoulders to hide and not watch scary scenes. Well, movie was just a smart reason for both of them to spend some time together. When Rajiv saw Nikita he realized that she had not changed a bit, she looked very much in her 30s. She was wearing classic fitting jeans and T-shirt, which revealed her curvy figure. Yoga had kept her not just in good health but also in a hot shape. The most attractive feature was her booty ass, a bit large to her curvy upper half but that’s what made it stand out. All ass lovers would die for such booty. Nikita found Rajiv plumper than she had seen him before she left the job. Being a working day afternoon, almost entire theatre was empty. There were few couples just like Rajiv and Nikita. Nikita had gone to beauty parlor the day before in the wake of movie date with Rajiv. Lounge couple seats were booked by Rajiv.
Two rows in front of Rajiv and Nikita was another teen couple. As the movie started, the teen couple in front just started passionate kissing. Nikita felt a bit embarrassed when Rajiv looked at her pointing to the teens. Rajiv teased her saying shall we? To this Nikita just smiled and continued watching movie. Rajiv in the meantime pulled over the sheets provided over his legs up to chest. Nikita enquired whether he was feeling chilly, to which Rajiv said he is used to watching hot movies as he wants to give his cock some air. Nikita could not resist but blush. However, she was happy to see Rajiv being true to her and not pretending to be nice and a good guy.
After few minutes through the movie, Nikita surprised Rajiv by asking whether she can help him. Rajiv teased her by asking how can she? To his surprise, she sneaked her hand under the sheet and started caressing his cock. The soft small cock sort of got a shock with her sensual touch. It woke up and attained its full size. Nikita was excited to have a man in her life. She slowly caressed and asked Rajiv to close his eyes and think as if she is sucking his dildo. Rajiv agreed and after some time, he actually felt as if she was sucking his cock. He opened his eyes to tell Nikita about it but saw she was not by her side; she was indeed under the sheet sucking his cock. Deep and hard, his cock was not showing its all veins, as Nikita sucked like a professional sucker. She had a real cock after some time and she did not want to be a loser. Rajiv told her to stop as he was about to cum. She however started caressing it vigorously. In moments Rajiv came and his load was all in Nikitas hand. Rajiv gasped for some air and smiled at Nikita, who smiled back and said happy.
To be continued...
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