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Why does my husband, Darren, share me with other lovers? Because it turns him on to know that he has an attractive wife that other men desire. Does he feel jealous? No, I don’t think so, it’s just physical pleasure after all and I don’t get emotionally involved with my lovers.
The question most people ask is how it started. How did a normal, middle class couple with three kids set out on this little erotic adventure? They want to know the thought processes, the physical practicalities of having our kind of open relationship. Second they want to know if Darren sleeps with other women to counter-balance my adultery. The answer to that is no, he doesn’t. I am a very sexual woman and give my husband more than enough pussy for any healthy man. I do not, have never, cheated on my husband. He shares me with other men because that fulfils a need he has and I only have sex with men he decides to share me with, so if you’re of a mind to hit on me in a bar you can forget it. To get me you have to go through Darren and he’s very fussy about who he allows between my legs.
It all started with his friend Ben who’d split from his wife and needed somewhere to stay till he got his shit together. We had a big house that Darren had inherited from his parents with plenty of room so it made sense to have him stay with us. I’d always liked Ben but hadn’t really thought he was interested in me till Darren mentioned that he’d seen Ben staring at my butt earlier in the evening. Now, I know I’m passably pretty, but I’m no stunner and I hadn’t even thought about other men looking at me since I’d met Darren. But, lying in bed with my husband, with his hands caressing my butt, he told me that he’d caught his friend’s eyed glued to my ass as I’d poured drinks for them in the den.
“You’re kidding,” I said.
“Nope. His eyes were boring right through your pants, through your panties and right down to your bare ass.”
“I swear, Penny. That man has the hots for you.”
Darren had the hots for me too. His thick erection was pressing against my belly and his hands were pulling apart the cheeks of my ass. He put his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it greedily.
“He’s just missing having a woman around,” I said, letting him go.
“I don’t think Tania was giving him much pussy towards the end.”
“He’s a naughty boy anyway, looking at other men’s wives’ butts.”
Darren bent his cock down to slip it between my thighs and I rocked my clit gently against the shaft.
“Is it turning you on,” I asked my husband, “knowing another man wants your wife?”
“Uh huh.”

My breath caught in my throat. “You wouldn’t mind?”
“No,” he admitted after a long pause, “Actually it would turn me on.”
“Really? I thought you just liked talking about it.”
“Yeah, that’s good, but this seems like the logical next step.”
“No,” I said emphatically, “If I slept with Ben it would destroy our relationship. We took a vow of fidelity, remember, when we got married and I’m not going to risk losing my man for a quick fuck.”
“But you miss it, don’t you?”
“What?” He was stiffening up nicely in my hand and I squeezed his cock, just below the head.
“Lots of strange cock, like you used to take before you met me.” His hand cupped my pussy mound and a fingertip searched for my clit.
“I was younger then. Now I’m married, I have kids, you shouldn’t have me thinking like that.”
“But that’s why I’m secure about you sleeping with Ben, because we’ve been married 10 years and because we’ve got three kids. You’re not likely to leave me for him.” He found his target and began rotating over my little engorged nub.
“Oh, I don’t know,” I giggled, “what if he’s a better fuck than you?”
“Do you think that’s likely?”

It was turning me on too. I could feel my pussy lips swelling and opening, the well of my pussy bubbling with my love juice. I thought of Ben, his crazy grin, his shock of wild hair, his broad chest, and tried to imagine it was his cock between my legs. It felt good.
Thinking about making love to other people wasn’t anything new for us as we’d often shared fantasies. It turned us both on and always led to a wonderful fuck.
Darren reached between my cheeks and inserted a finger up my butt. The twin sensations of his finger and his cock between my legs had me wriggling like a fish.
“Do you want my ass?” I whispered, hopefully
“Not particularly, but I think Ben does.”
“What makes you say that?”
“He told me Tania was mad for it.”
For some reason I couldn’t imagine skinny little Tania Hope taking a man’s cock up her ass but, then again, what did I know? I doubt if any of my friends imagined that I was addicted to anal. I’d no idea I would enjoy it so much but from the moment Darren first stretched my pooper when we were on vacation in Bermuda, I’d known that it would be one of my favourites. The sensations were just so blissfully intense, so totally different to pussy fucking, that I liked it at least once a week. Thankfully Darren liked it too and would have happily fucked nothing but my ass if I hadn’t stopped him, hoping to keep my back passage at least moderately tight. As I’ve said, Darren has a thick cock and it wouldn’t have taken long with him taking me up there every night for him to really stretch me. So we kept it for a special but didn’t assign a specific night for it, just to keep it interesting. Once I’d been so into it that I’d let him fuck my ass three nights in a row, but that had been a one off.
Now I was imagining myself sandwiched between Darren and Ben. Darren’s fingers were standing in for Ben’s cock and Darren’s cock was still between my legs. My husband was kissing my lips and his friend was kissing the nape of my neck. I came with a shudder.
“Good one?” Darren asked.
He lifted his body so I could slip a leg under him so that placing the other over him put my pussy directly onto the head of his cock. I was so wet that it slipped into me without any preliminaries. Darren felt thick and strong inside me and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he started rocking into me.
“Stick your fingers up my ass again,” I instructed.
“Hard or soft?”
“Hard. Like Ben just slipped into bed behind me with a raging hard-on and stuck it up my butt.”
Darren jabbed two fingers into my pooper and I convulsed, mashing my titties against my husband’s chest.
“Would you really like him to do that?”
“Not for a first time, no. But once I got to know him better, maybe ..”
“You’re a slut.”
“It’s only talking.”
Darren pulled his fingers out of my ass and rolled me onto my back so he could give me a regular hard fucking. I slung my legs round his waist and let him plunder my body, wet, open, ready for action. For all my love of anal I loved missionary in the pussy too and I came several times as my husband fucked me hard before finally shooting powerfully inside me.
Only talking, I’d said, and I really believed it. It had just been another one of the fantasies we shared, but as the days passed I began noticing Ben’s eyes on me and it turned me on. Darren noticed too because, aroused by Ben, I was giving my husband better sex. Sucking him off the minute he came home from work, giving him a hand-job when he was in the shower, encouraging him to finger me under the dinner table. I was on heat and I couldn’t hide it.
Darren said to me one night, “What’s it going to take to dowse that fire, screwing Ben?”
“I couldn’t cheat on you, honey,” I whispered as I stroked him to an erection.
“It wouldn’t be cheating if I knew about it.”

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