Part One Forced Entry

Abi was standing at her locker, unloading her science text books onto the top steel shelf, stacked with other dog-eared textbooks that she didn't need for tonight’s hardcore revision session.
A tap on her shoulder made her inhale sharply, and she jumped.
"Joe!" She exclaimed, turning to see the long-haired, school-nerd behind her.
"Hey, Abi! Sorry if I scared you there... just came over to say hi and the like."
He had a large, silly grin on his face and it appeared to her that he couldn’t keep his eyes from drifting to her large, firm, 34DD breasts. She was glad that she wasn’t wearing her tight, fitted shirt today. The one where the button at the top of her cleavage struggled to stay buttoned up. She just hated being perved upon.
"Oh, well. Hi then. I'm just off home..." Abi trailed off, hoping that he wasn't about to propose they go out somewhere, or worse - revise together.

“I’m going out in five, actually, daaaarlin’. What do you think of this jacket?” Mark stood up and spun in a circle in front of her, showing off his acid-white, cotton jacket.
Abi rolled her eyes at his flamboyant spin. “Nice.”
“No need to be sarcastic! I shan’t ask your opinions from now on!” Mark huffed in an overly camp way and threw his hand into the air, walking off in a pretend sulk.
“I’m sure your latest boyfriend will approve,” Abi laughed at him, getting up to give him a hug goodbye as he slipped on his shoes, ready to go.
“Now, you’ll be alright, won’t you, chicken?” Mark fluffed up Abi’s hair again, in a concerned-brotherly way.
“Yes, of course. I’ve babysat our little bro’ plenty of times before. And I’ve loads of revision to do anyway.”
Mark kissed the top of his sister’s head and waved goodbye, stepping out into the day.

"Ah, I was hoping you'd be going to Dr. White's Biology cramming lesson?" Joe looked at her with hopeful eyes. Gor, behind those black rimmed glasses, Joe had such seductive, dark eyes.
"Nahh... like I said, I'm off home. I have to babysit, my Mother is working tonight," Abi shrugged, turning to close the royal blue lockers behind her. Joe took a quick glimpse of her tight ass, encased in that cute, pleated, black short skirt.
"Oh well then, have fun babysitting!" Joe laughed lightly, and walked off towards the science block, thinking about her gorgeous little ass, perfectly rounded and curved and what he would do to see it naked, or maybe dressed in virginal white pants.
Abi shook her head to herself as she walked off in the opposite direction. Joe was starting to scare her a little; he had taken to saying “hi” at every opportunity. And he was everywhere! She’d even bumped into him at the supermarket and at the newsagents. It was almost like he was stalking her.
But there was something sexy and intriguing about him that she just couldn't put her finger on. He was nerdy, always coming top in Science, History and IT, and was very much the gamer geek outside of schoolwork.
He could be arrogant at times - he liked to think he knew it all and wanted everyone to know it too.
All his friends were girls, they seemed to trust him, think him safe, and unlike the popular guys in the school who tormented and hounded any girl they found remotely attractive.
Joe wasn't particularly popular. He wasn't your average good-looking guy in school. He wasn't into sports - and all the popular guys were sportaholics. They were at football or rugby training when Joe was playing Doom or revising or posting on some political forum.
It was no secret that Joe had a massive crush on Abi. He turned shy and awkward when talking to her, despite being “the girls’ straight best-friend” of the school.
But with Abi... he had that look of lust on his face when he saw her. Abi was rather gorgeous though. She was slim, curvy, big-titted and had choppy, chestnut-coloured hair, rebelliously dyed blue underneath. She was the typically beautiful girl, and everyone envied her looks, even spited her because of them. That was probably why she was quite the loner in school, although she had plenty of older friends outside of school.
Most of the popular guys liked her, and hounded her, but she was hard to get, and they just weren't her type. She was a bit of a rocker, and wore a ring her nose, but she didn't fit in with the "rock scene" at school. Most of them had left at year 11 anyway, and Abi had chosen to stay on to complete her A levels. Besides, Abi was too quiet for the school rockers, she liked to revise and work hard whilst the others liked to smoke pot and couldn't be arsed with revision.
"Get your tits out, Abaaaay!" Ross whistled from the gates outside the school. His mates chuckled and whistled with him. Abi stuck out her middle finger and walked off. Bloody hell, she hated those guys, how she'd love to take a knife to them... Joe wasn't like that. Joe could be kind and sweet with her, but he was a bit of an arrogant twat in the class though. And he was a nerd. And although she did actually find him quite sexy with his long, dark hair and glasses and although she quite loved skinny, flat-stomached men, he was just too nerdy, and even, sometimes, creepy, the way he stared at her with those seductive, longing, lustful eyes... Abi shuddered. She needed to stop thinking about Joe. She wasn’t particularly into fancying people or having relationships anyway.
In what seemed like no time at all, Abi had reached her front door. As she fumbled around in her bag for her house keys, her mobile started to vibrate.
“Hello?” she answered, not recognising the caller ID. An eerie silence greeted her, and then the caller hung up. That’s strange, Abi thought, but thought nothing more of it as she unlocked the white front door and entered her living room.
“Hullo, sexy!” A bleached blonde, darkly tanned man waved at her from his seat on the leather sofa. Now, this man was one she didn’t mind calling her sexy, she thought as she bent down to give him a squeezey hug.
“You alright, sissy?” he asked, ruffling up her hair.
“Yup yup, I’m splendid. I had a few interesting lessons today. Are you going out later?” Abi replied, sitting herself down next to her brother, Mark.

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