And The Dog Made Three PT2

Chapter 2

Tracy lazily slid her foot down the Great Dane's flank and under him, rubbing her instep up and down the length of his huge prick. Her dark eyes widened with delight when she felt how hard and hot his cock was. She had been thinking that she had ought to jerk the doggy off to relieve his frustration, but now she realized that playing with such a big, shapely prick would be fun, as well.

Major squirmed and wriggled, humping his cock out against the girl's foot. His big head dipped down for another slurp at her cunt, then rose up, jaws dripping and amber eyes gleaming like a wolf standing over his prey.

Tracy leaned down and kissed the dog on his damp muzzle, tasting her own cunt-juices. He licked her face and she sucked his cream-soaked tongue into her mouth, French kissing the dog, adoring the combined sauce of doggy slobber and pussy-cum all blended together.

She reached under the big brute and folded her delicate hand around his cock-shaft. The doggy yelped and his iron-hard prick vibrated, thrilling the dog to the core.

Tracy had given hand-jobs to plenty of boys in her time, but this was the first that she had held a throbbing dog cock and the naughtiness of it really turned her on. Her well-tongued cunt began to simmer again. The lips opened like the petals of a flower and her clit stiffened and shot out, tingling.

The Great Dane woofed and inhaled, then dipped his head down to her groin again, obviously eager to tongue her some more. But now it was his turn to cream.

Tracy let him lap at her cunt for a few moments, then pulled his head from her groin and twisted around beside him, so that she could see his cock as she fondled it.

That huge prick looked as good as it felt.

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