First Night

This spring I got tired of trying to work for everyone else, and opened my lawn service. It had its ups and downs until two weeks ago. I got a contract with a mobile home court I lived at many years ago. The deal is that I get a 3 bedroom trailer, utilities, a riding lawn mower, with work trailer, some associated trimmers and such, and a truck to use. 

I moved in, and as it isn’t a large court, I only spend two days a week keeping it looking nice. It’s not too hard to do that, as it sets right on a small bayou, and the scenery is gorgeous.
My trailer sets right in front of the swim dock, and I have started a daily swim routine. However as I started to get ready today I heard splashing, and talk, and laughter. I hoped it wasn’t a bunch of kids, they ask questions, and stuff. And I’m serious about getting back into prime shape, so I didn’t want the bother of kids interrupting me.
I walked out to the dock, looked at the always murky water, and saw what was definitely not kids. It was a trio of collage aged females, one red head, one chestnut haired, and one that had black hair. I liked the idea of swimming and showing off a little for some collage girls, so I dropped my towel next to theirs, kicked off my surf shoes, and in I went. I swam for about 30 minutes as they laughed, talked, swam, played and watched as they could without being obvious. 
I came to a stop and the chestnut haired girl swam to within about ten feet from me.
“Since you have your clothes on would you mind getting me some water?”
Before I could stop myself the first thing I thought came out of my mouth.
“How do I know you don’t have any clothes on?”
The black haired girl laughed and the red head walked up to me.
“Float your hands.” She said.
I did and she put my hands on her truly wonderful feeling pair of D sized breasts. Then she slid one of my hands down to her terrific feeling shaved crotch, and right on to her naked pussy.
I was smiling at her and she was smiling back.
“Very nice,” I said as my hands lingered where she had put them, “But this only proves that you are sans attire.”
She laughed, “True enough. I’m Stacy by the way.”
My hands were moving slightly but staying in the proximity of their original placement. “I’m Ache.” I said.
“Like the letter?” She asked, she was still smiling and her nipple was hardening.
“Pronounced the same yeah.” A said looking into her eyes as I fondled her.
She turned away, “Gina you are the one that asked and made the statement. Get over here and show him. He hasn’t bitten me yet.”
“I always get permission to bite first.” I said, letting my hands float on the surface as chestnut haired Gina walked up, “And I usually wait till a woman is begging me to, and is cuming before I do.”
Gina put my hands on a rather nice set of largish C’s, as the black haired one looked at me with her head tilted a bit. Then she too ran one of my hands down to a shaved and naked pussy. We smiled at each other as I fondled her for a bit. 

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