How are you accepted at work?

Probably my biggest work grievance is that I
cannot show up at the office like this!
I have always worked in an office -- ha ha, imagine sissies like us doing real labor work with real men -- and I have to say that anyplace I ever worked, it was the women who accepted me as a sissy and treated me nicely and rarely ever the men.

The women have always greeted me and talked to me and included me in their lunch dates. And even activities away from work. Of course, we have talked about fashion and cooking and baking. Sometimes, my female co-workers have confided in me about their relationships, sex lives and other personal things. The newly-hired young ladies just out of college also talk to me, probably because they can see right away that I am not going to prey on them!

Now the men: In general, they do not talk to me nor do they include me in work-related or out-of-work activities. The gay guys do and the other sissies do. Even the softer men do. But not the real men. They really do not want to have anything to do with the sissies or the gay guys. Even some of the supervisors do not talk to me; they will send me emails. Fortunately, there are some female bosses.

Oh, I just remembered that a number of years back, a man was fired for constantly harassing a gay guy, who also is black. The man was warned to stop several times and he did not, so he was fired. I have never been personally harassed, because -- luckily, as you see -- I work for a company that has zero tolerance as far as harassment against women, people of various races, and people of various sexual persuasions. They even offer benefits to same-sex spouses.

But my relationships with women at work pretty much mirrors how it was and is with my relatives, as I have written about before. Growing up, I spent most of my time with my mother and sisters and aunts and female cousins. Rarely with my dad, uncles or male cousins.

If you are a sissy or T-girl, how are you accepted at work?
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