Alien Inheritance 5 by SeanJay

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Irma's Lexus was parked in the waiting zone. When we came out, a cop was just about to write a ticket. I convinced him that because we would be moving the car right away we didn't deserve a ticket.

After starting the large, gray Lexus, Irma fiddled with the air conditioner controls for a few seconds before she got it going full blast. "I'm not sure how to work everything in this car," she said. "This is Louise's. She thought it'd be better to pick you up in the Lexus. My car is a Miata." As we wound our way out of the maze of roads around Sky Harbor Airport, Irma told me about my dad's accident.

According to the information they had from the police, Friday night, as he was driving home from the Scottsdale Airport, his Mercedes was run off the road by a pickup. The car overturned several times, falling into a dry wash. Even though he was wearing his seatbelt and the airbag deployed successfully, he was badly injured.

Irma looked over at me. "He's hurt pretty bad. It was touch and go for a while, but now the doctors think he'll make it. But he still wants to see you. That was the most important thing to him, that you be here with him. I guess you're his favorite son."

I looked at Irma. She was an attractive young woman - with a golden complexion, high cheekbones, dark eyes, dark, wavy hair, falling over her starched, white blouse. Sitting as she was, I couldn't completely evaluate her figure, but from what I could see and from what I remembered from the terminal, it was more than acceptable. I wondered if she might be a girl my dad provided for me, like Bobbi and Claudia, but a glimpse into her mind revealed that she was one of my father's women. That glimpse also showed how worried she was about my father.

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