Supernatural Nation: One Steps Back, Two Step Forward by Karax

Anthony sat in the chair beside Liz's unconscious body and held her hand and worrying. It had been a week since his father had attacked Liz and Kylie had been healing Liz each day she visited and the doctors were calling Liz's rapid healing miraculous but found nothing special when they checked her blood. One doctor who specialized in rapid healing came in to ask Anthony if they could examine Liz closer and do more tests. Anthony had told the man no and when he wouldn't take that as an answer Anthony had called security to have the doctor removed from the private room and banned from entering again. Other than the nurses only one other doctor had come into Liz's hospital room. 

"Anthony Caine," a man’s voice called over the murmur of voices in the waiting room. Anthony head jerked up from his hands Eliza stood with him, the other were sleeping uncomfortably in the waiting room chairs, the two hurried over to the doctor.

"How is she," Anthony asked as soon as they were close enough for the doctor to hear his words without having to yell.

"She is stable, and we stitched up the cuts and set the breaks," the doctor said and looked strangely at Eliza.

"Are you the one who checked her over at the scene," he asked. Eliza shook her head and pointed over at Kylie who was sleeping with her head leaning onto her twins shoulder. 

"Will she be okay," Anthony asked bringing the doctor's focus back to him. Kylie had been accelerating the healing of her wounds but she could say why Liz hadn't woken up yet.

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