Caveworms 2: Things Get Even Weirder by sploosh

I lay there for a while in a daze, hoping, but not quite believing that what had happened to me yesterday was just a dream. The summer heat had started early again today, and I started to feel myself overheat under my covers, which were soaked in my sweat. With a groan I finally forced myself to stir, pulling off my sheets and sitting on the edge of my bed. I felt even heavier than before, and I was pretty sure my stomach had gotten bigger. I sat there with it resting on my legs, absent mindedly rubbing it all over, wondering just what I was going to do about this whole mess I was in. The hospital still seemed absolutely out of the question, and I didn't seem to have any other options, so I resigned myself to my fate of being an unwilling incubator to this bizarre creature's eggs. I took comfort from the thought that none of the worms seemed to have any teeth, and that they did seem oddly benign.

The urge to find a cool, open space slowly came to me, and before I'd even made a conscious decision, I found myself up and drifting towards the basement. I stripped out of my shorts and tank top as I descended the stairs. The air down there was nice and cool, and I felt a little refreshed. I sat in the middle of the room, the cool cement floor feeling really nice against my skin. I again started tracing my fingers across my engorged belly as that strange feeling of arousal I remembered from yesterday made my heart start to race.

I gently rocked my hips back and forth and moaned softly as I felt a stirring slowly build up inside me. The eggs seemed to be jerking about a little, as whatever was inside them began trying to force their way out. Damn these things grew fast! I was quite relieved that it would all be over soon, one way or another. That fantastic feeling of arousal was getting quite strong now, and grew more and more intense as each egg came to life. 

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