College Party

I coulden't belive it! I was hosting the party for college this year. I just kept thinking of the popularity i would get. Wow i would be way more respected. I started setting up drinks on the small tables i had around the pool. Beer, Wine, Pop, etc. The bad part of this though was that i had to hope the police woulden't break in. Realy there would be no reason to, but if they did then they would catch use with beer and wine. I started to remember that my friends, Nick, Ben, and Jimmy liked cigrattes. I diden't know what kind so i got a whole set and set them in its own little bar. I also remembered this was a college party and it gets really wild at night. I smiled. I went to the store were they sold sex toys, condoms, even life size dolls that you can have sex with. I bought 20 condoms for the upstairs bedrooms just in case.


The day finally came. The day of my party. I was putting the finishing touches on my party when people started arriving. I put the last of the beer in the jug and cups on the table. First Nick, Ben and Jimmy came. "Hey there bro whats up!" Nick exclaimed when he saw me. "Ah nothing just putting last touches on the party. Like it?" I asked. Nick looked around and said "Wow Kevin, its awsome. Beer stands? Ciggrates? Wow what DIDEN'T you get!". "Well looks like i got everything. Beer, Wine, Pop, Snacks, Cigs. Yea i got everything." i said. Ben began to whisper, "Did you bring condoms just in case the girls are feeling, you know, horney." I whispered back, "Yup there in the 5 bedrooms upstairs on each nightstand". "Sweet!", Ben whispered. Then i saw more people arriving. Ashley, Stacey, and the rest of my college buds.


"Wow Kevin what can i say? You got a pretty good party here" Stacey said as she smiled. I smiled back. "All just for you" "Im gonna grab some beer, you want some?" Stacey asked me. Well its a party so i said, "Sure". As she walked to the beer stand i checked her ass out. Wow who could have a better ass than that girl. I grinned as i thought how wonderful it would be to stick my cock into it. Better yet into her pussy. I could just imagine that happening tonight. Stacey came back with the beers. "Thanks Stac" i said as i took the cap off of my beer. I took a sip and looked behind me. I laughed as Nick and Ashely went upstairs. I know what there doing up there. I grinned. Stacey must have known what i was thinking because she said, "You know kevin why don't we go upstairs to to have a little fun in bed if you know what i mean." Wow i coulden't belive it. I've never had sex before and i coulden't belive i finally was gonna move from virgin geek to a normal person like everyone else. We set our beers down and went upstairs.


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