Dinner At Ambers

Amber and me, well we have always been very special to each other. Our relationship has always been a special one. She enjoyed being with me from the very beginning and I with her. How many guys can say that about a sister who’s eleven years his senior? How many can say that their big sister enjoyed having him hang out with her? Didn’t get mad at him and send him away when he said or did something stupid? Not many, I suspect. We were always close and I didn’t think that we could become any closer but that was before a hit and run driver five years ago killed our parents’. In the blink of an eye, all we had was each other. We became inseparable, going everywhere together, doing everything together. Well almost everything, we didn’t have sex until a few weeks ago when Amber invited me to dinner. Now that’s not to say that I never wanted to have sex with Amber until a few weeks ago. 

Amber and me were confident almost from the very beginning. We were totally at ease with each other. We trusted each other completely. We shared our most intimate thoughts and feelings. We discussed every thing including sex. She told me about her boyfriends and what she enjoyed having them do to her. She spent hours telling me all about the things that excited a girl as well as the things that turned a girl off. Of course, it never occurred to me at the time that she might have welcomed my touch. Once I reached my teens, going into Amber’s bedroom and closing the door was a big no-no where our parents’ were concerned. Things didn’t loosen up until after their death. 

After their death, Amber started running around the cottage wearing nothing but thin, white cotton panties and frilly bra that barely contained her melon sized titties. Amber is a short, slender girl, with a small heart-shaped ass and big tits for a girl her size. It was her titties, with their large, ruddy-colored nipples and saucer-size aureole that had me walking around with a perpetual erection. I was whacking off six or seven times a day just to keep from shooting my wad in my Jeans. I could always tell when Amber was horny. Her lovely nipples grew into huge, hard thimbles of tit flesh that showed clearly through Amber’s lace bras and her pussy juices soaked through her panties, leaving her fiery-red bush clearly visible. I would have loved to strip down to my underwear to but it was hard enough, excuse the pun, to hide my long, hard cock when I was wearing loose fitting slacks. Oh, if I had only known then that Amber had wanted me as much as I had wanted her. 

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