The whip

The cracker whip or 6in to 8in or Hot Pat

When a woman wants, she will get.
This is how I was turn on by what I call’s the cracker whip.

Pat will not be intimidation at all, and the male has no say.

It all started when my wife and I were visiting Pat and her husband.

After the evening meal Pat made a phone call, at this stage I did not now who too, but found out later. Pat was ringing her girl friend to cover what was about to coming up..
Pat announce that she had to go around to her girl friend place to get a book to take back to the library as it will be over due, and does not want to pay a late fines.

“I see your car has been parked behind mine and I can not get it out”. She said

I said “well do you want me to take you in my car to save us change the car over Pat” “OK”

I asked his wife is that “OK” she said “YES”.

I start the car and Pat got in to the passenger seat with an extra big bag.
Driving up the street and before I could get in to top gear Pat grab my leg and then moved to felt my cock. Pat said “I want that to night”.

Reaching down in the extra large bag she pulled out a very large vibrator and said “do you think you can get bigger than this”, I nearly run off the road. Wow, Pat knows what she wanted

My cock when into start up mode as Pat rub my cock and then with the vibrator around my face and making I open his mouth and Pat was moving it in and out. 

When I stoped at the traffic light, Pat was pulling down my zipper before the lights when green she was sucking my cock. 

It’s was not easy with a steering wheel, and trying to drive, and still not knowing where to go. “But where do you want me to go” Pat came up for air and said we go out of town where we can yes the town lights from the hill.

After Pat directed me to a hill telling him not to put my foot brakes on only use the hand brake only as this will not show any red lights, and turn off the internal light so it does not work.

I thought that Pat has done this before.

With her rap-a-round skirt now being taking off she had not been wearing any underwear, and her cunt was on display. 

Pat started then playing with her vibrator and finding her cunt. Her body started to quiver with excitement. 

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