Good morning Mom and Dad

Breakfast with their mother and father, is a bit uncomfortable. Brad felt awkward enough, with the memory of Grace seeing him in the nude. Not to mention, almost getting caught laying naked in bed with his chestnut haired green eyed step sister. Grace must've told his dad about seeing her step son in the buff, his father patted him on the back as he sat down at the dining room table. "Son. Grace tells me, you and I have a unique family resemblance." Jack joked proudly. "I guess being well hung does run in the Wilson family." He then scolded his son. "Bradley. Please don't show up in front of your mom, in your birthday suit again. Okay." Brad laughed nervously. "Sorry dad." He looked at Grace. "I'm so sorry Grace. It'll never happen again." Grace scolded her husband, as she forked a couple pancakes on Brad's plate. "Jack. He didn't show himself to me intentionally. Now stop, you're embarrassing your son." She forked some pancakes on Alyssa's plate. "Are you ready for school baby." She spoke in a motherly tone, babying her daughter like she does way to often. "I'm so proud of you Alyssa. You did so well last year. Now you've jumped ahead to tenth grade this year." "That's right." Alyssa said proudly. "And this year, If everything goes right. I'll leap ahead to twelfth," She winked at Brad. "That way I can graduate with you next year," She smiled sweetly. "Wouldn't that be cool Bradley." She teased Brad using his full name, of which he hates. "Yeah, that would be cool. That is if you can handle the twelfth grade teachers. Some of them can be real pricks." He patted Alyssa's hand. "But you're pretty good at handling pricks. Aren't you sis." Alyssa was taking a sip of milk. She choked suddenly understanding the jest of his innuendo. Grace patted her on the back, babying her. Alyssa off handedly scolded her mother, something she would never do before she spent the weekend with Brad. "Mom...stop treating me like a little girl. Jeez mom. I'm fourteen and a half, not four and half!" Grace spoke like the mother she is. "Alyssa. No mater if you're fourteen and a half, or forty and a half. You'll always be my little girl." Brad held back laughter, seeing Alyssa blush with annoyance. "Mom stop, okay." She threw her hands up. "I'm tired of you treating me like a baby. You were just saying how proud you are of me, for getting good grades. And advancing to tenth grade. That means I'm not a little girl anymore." Grace started crying, Alyssa stood up to hug her. "Oh don't cry mom. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry." Jack handed Grace a Kleenex, then hugged her along with his step daughter. Grace sniffled. "I don't mean to baby you Alyssa. Its just that you're growing up so fast." Alyssa kissed her cheek. "Oh mom. I love you." Brad looked at the clock, being a little annoyed at Grace's motherly weeping. He decided to do something he's never done, but he's always wanted to. "Alyssa. Look at the time, it's getting late. Come on, I'll give you a lift to school in my car." Jack spoke. "That's nice of you son. It's good to see you and Alyssa, being civil with each other for once." Alyssa gave Brad a hug, after draping her backpack over one shoulder. "Jack. Me and Brad are good friends now," She giggled. "You might say we found a unique way of bonding, during our long weekend together." She took Brad's hand. "Come on big bro, lets go learn something." Jack asked, curiously. "A unique way of bonding! What the heck did you kids do this weekend?" "Bye Mom, bye dad." They said, quickly walking out the door to the carport, not answering his question.
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