Hot Rape Session

Round the popular Gang-Bang Bar again
I was no-longer in my teens and so I was drunk, I thought to myself as I looked down at the bottle I held with both-hands in-between my tits. 

My ass was against the wall outside of the women's toilet, where I stood, black high-heeled shoes together. The music was still loud even here, but not as loud as the main rooms. 

I suppose I would soon be settling down with my boyfriend and letting him get me pregnant and become jaded and bored. What a dismal thought for a libertine hedonist like me, I groaned to myself. 

I looked at my half-covered breasts - the black dress I was wearing partly hid them but could not hide the nipple-bumps because I was not wearing a bra on my night out. 

under the flare of my black dress which came down to mid-thigh (a long skirt for me!); under it was a pair of skimpy knickers that had twisted themselves into a rope and was currently holding my cunt open having entered up my groove, not that I cared much being drunk. But every-time I moved my legs the so-called panties worked as a clitoral stimulation device intent on frustrating me and driving my cunt wild and wet. 

I considered taking them off where I stood in front of people and I might have if I was sober, but I was sure some guy could do it for me. Then I could offer him a blow-job and get a mouth-full of cum to impress Donna but then maybe he would want to fuck me?

And come to think of it, Where was Donna?

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