Late Night Fun...And Some Romance...

I left at about 2 a.m. I had a really busy, boring day of work and

babysitting my cousins, and I was in the need for some excitement. My

good friend, whom had been a past boyfriend but we were still great

friends with benefits, and I had planned for a long time to have a

special night for both of us, not just sex, but romance. I had been

busy, but finally, this was our night. I wanted it to be very

intimate, even though I was rather naughty. I slipped on an old prom

dress that I still had the luck to fit into, even though I am skinny

as hell, and it was short, going up to my thighs. I loved the way it

felt, and I felt myself get a little horny as I imagined being

stripped down. I put on some heels, started the car, and was off to

the other side of town. I was ready for some action.

As I approached his house, I was slow, and turned my headlights off,

parking a little ways off from his window. I knew he was waiting

patiently, because before I could even appraoch his window, he opened

it and stepped out, very quiet. I loved the fact of being sneaky, and

it was really fun being mysterious for once. He grabbed me by my hips

and held me for a few moments, but I couldn't feel him getting hard

yet... so we hopped into the car and drove. He went way ahead of me,

totally lusting me as he wriggled his jeans down in the passenger

seat, pulling out his dick, and stroking it really slow and smirking

at me from his seat. I winked, and then watched as I stopped at a stop

sign. God.... I couldn't take it anymore. "Screw the baseball field."

I thought. "We need to fuck right here, right now." I parked in a lot,

where it was quiet and desolated, and I rolled down the windows a

crack, jumping into his lap with an excited laugh. I wrapped my legs

around his waist, and he slipped his hand up my dress, breaking

through my thin panties and fingering me really nicely. He was gentle

about it, but once I started getting wet, he began to be rough. Every

time he stuck his fingers in a stroked my clit, he did it at a

different speed and a different finger every time. That turned me on a

lot. He pushed me up against the dashboard, spreading my legs a little

as I moaned, cumming in his hands. He took my thighs and rubbed them

sensually, and I could feel myself cumming again and again. I groaned,

"Oh, babe." He kissed my lips and went down to my neck, pulling my

dress down so he could expose my boobs, and he made a soft noise as I

pulled myself forward, grinding up against his dick. It was hard and

thick, and I felt really horny against it. He began nibbling at my

chest as he took my bra off, his hands chilled and pleasurable as he

rubbed my breasts, kissing them sensually. I gasped a little, for it

felt so good, and my nipples got hard as he sucked on them. He lifted

me up on his lap so he could get a better position, and bit and licked

my boobs slowly, until I couldn't bear it anymore. I started groaning

and moaning really loudly, getting wild and dirty. I pushed him away

teasingly, fighting him a little bit, stripping him down, and running

my fingers up and down his chest. He loves that. I took his stiff,

long dick in my hands as I moved down, taking my tongue along the tip.

He gasped softly as I took his dick fully into my mouth, sucking on

it, moving my tongue around as he shoved his cock farther down my

throat. I felt his cum explode all over my tongue as he screamed,

begging me to keep going. I slipped his dick in and out of my mouth,

careful with my teeth, licking his cock all over. He was so horny,

gasping and groaning with each touch. His cum tasted good in my mouth,

and I smirked up at him as he held me close, taking off my dress fully

and stripping me bare. He crawled into the backseat, pulling me along

with him, feeling my body with his fingers, kissing me over and over

again passionately. He spread my legs, moving his tongue along my

stomach and going down to my soaking wet pussy. I squirmed with

excitement as I knew what was happening next. He slurped at my juices,

moving his tongue around to taste all my cum, nibbling and biting at

my clit with ease. I came in his mouth, moaning even louder now, and

he licked and sucked me over and over again for a long time. I felt

myself getting tired, but I kept cumming and cumming. After he went

down on me, he kissed my breasts again, then gently laid on top of me,

moving his dick to the tip of my pussy. He humped me like that over

and over, then stuck his dick inside of me, resting my legs on his

shoulders as he began to go faster and faster. I sat up, wildly

groaning and moaning and screaming with intensity, pleading him to go

faster and fuck me harder. He was quick, his dick slipping in and out

of my pussy, cum everywhere. He got slower and slower, and I felt his

cum all over my legs and pussy. He kept getting gradually fast, then

going quick again, and it was great seeing his face scrunch with

sensational relief as he came inside me. As he finished, he kissed my

thighs and moved all the way up to my lips, touching my tongue with

his as he gave me an open kiss. He rolled to his side, panting, tired,

and held me close to him. I was very tired, but I snuggled up close to

him, his bare body feeling so good against mine. The sexual thrill had

gone away, but still, I can't explain how amazing it felt for him to

fuck me, even though I am a big sucker for romance. We cuddled for a

while underneath a blanket I had brought, kissing for a long time

before we both got back into our clothes. For a while, we sat on the

roof of the car, staring at the stars, in silence. I was curled up

against his warmth, still feeling sleepy, but satisfied. I had been

with him for two hours at least, and I suddenly felt the need to go at

it again. He was surprised when I slipped out his dick and sucked on

it once more, sighing as I tasted his last tiny bit of cum. He laughed

and began to gasp again as I finished, my tongue wiggling on his tip

as we began to be done. He watched me carefully as I sat up, staring

at his eyes. I wiped my mouth and kissed him romantically, holding him

tight against me one more time before I jumped off the roof and got in

the front seat. We didn't talk much, and the radio distracted me. I

was staring into space at the streetlights and stoplights as I drove.

As I dropped him off, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and grinned. "You

know, it was fun tonight...I loved it..." I nodded. "Me too, babe.

Next time you wanna have some fun, I'm here." I could tell he was

exhausted by the bags underneath his eyes as he stared at me before he

got out of the car and closed the door.

Later that night, I got home at around 6. I was beyond tired. I was

getting antsy at the thoughts of what occurred, and I laughed at

myself. I can get turned on really easily again, even after sex... so

after waiting about an hour, I began to finger myself, even though I'd

been fucked. I felt really weird doing it, but I went ahead and spread

my legs, laid on the floor, and rubbed myself, slipping three fingers

in and out, stroking my clit and pussy. I came within seconds and then

crawled into bed. Even though I was still soaking wet, I didn't care.

I was too tired to care. Oh man, I thought, I am just so bad.
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