Sex Vacation to Asia

My first sex cation was to Angeles City in the Philippines.

As the story goes I wanted to go on a real vacation because I had

accumulated some vacation time from work. For the first time in my

life, I had an employer who would give me 5 weeks of vacation and so I

wanted to do something with those weeks. At first, I checked out Italy

and some other places. The thought came to mind that I might spend

thousands of dollars but not get laid at all. Come on, guys, you know

what I mean. You spend a lot of time, a lot of money, but come out

empty handed.

I had been surfing the internet at the time and learned about a few

places accidentally where guys go for sexcations. One of the places I

learned about was Angeles City. My first trip to Angeles I stayed at

the Orchid Inn back in 2004.

Angeles City consists of two things...the bars where you pick up the

ladies who are essentially cheap prostitutes and hotels where you fuck

them. At the time I went in 2004, it cost about 30-50 dollars to hire

one for the night if I remember correctly. The government over there

checked the ladies and registered them. They had to wear their license

around their neck while working. They checked the lady's age and did

some type of medical tests as well.

Filipinas are not for everyone. Some people dont like their looks, but

it was a wild time for myself. As soon as I put my bags up in the

hotel closet I was down at the bars and picked up my first lady within

15 minutes. She was 19 years old with a tight body. There wasnt much

kissing. I just wanted to fuck and that we did. It was really kinky

and she stayed with me all night long.

Over the course of two weeks, I hired 2-3 women each day. I would hire

one when the first few bars opened up at around noon and that I called

the dayshift. I would fuck them for hours, kick them out and go back

out for some more. All told, I probably fucked 30-40 women within a

two week period and was completely worn out by the end. All the women

were basically 18, 19 and 20s at the prime of their sexlives with so

much energy. The Filipinas love Americans and it was easy to get along

with them. Most all of them spoke English too.

Angeles City is a dirty place which looks a lot like TJ in some

places. It resembles what you think a third world country would be

complete with beggars on the street. Poverty everywhere. On the other

hand, inside the hotels were not bad. As long as you stayed in the

hotel you were fine. So really...AC is only a place you go to fuck.

There isnt much else to see there.

Well, I went back 5 times to Angeles City and each time it got wilder

and wilder. The first few times I went I couldnt get anyone to do a

3some, but after learning the ropes it wasnt a problem as long as you

ask the right questions and look around hard enough.

Around 2009, I made my first trip to Pattaya Thailand. The Thailand

women really know how to fuck and have these really nice porn-like

bodies. Much better looking then the filipinas. However, the Pattaya

women are all about money and they are 2-3 times more expensive than

the Filipinas. Sure, the Pattaya women will stay with you all night

long and do 3somes, but its sure going to cost you. I found the

Thailand women more about wanting my money than wanting me. They were

cold and more business-like. It didnt seem like a GFE experience...not

like how it was in Angeles City. Pattaya is a beach resort area and

you can have a "real vacation" unlike Angeles. Hit the beach and

explore by day...fuck by night.

I had fun in both places. Both had their advantages and disadvantages.

Liberal reporters like to bash Pattaya and Angeles City saying they

are human trafficking destinations. Believe me, the authorities in

those countries are all over the scene and regulate the prostitutes.

They conduct spot checks at each bar. There were quite a few times

where I saw their police force going right into the bars in an obvious

manner and making sure all the women were registered properly. All of

the women have to be registered with the government and wear

identification cards around their neck. I never met a woman in any of

those destinations who was there against their will. In fact, the bars

put up help wanted signs outside their bars bragging about how much

money the women could make. Its true. The women who work in those bars

make more money in a week then what they could make in a month at a

real job over there.

These destinations are straight up good old fashioned places of

prostitution. Its pretty straight forward. Get a room at a local

hotel...dont find the most expensive hotel, just get one which will do

the job. Hit the bars and the women will approach you hard. Actually,

you have to walk a few feet away from the bars or what happens is the

ladies physically grab you. There will, of course, be some "runners"

which are women who take off from the room earlier than you want.

Those women want to find another guy to make more cash. That will be a

given so count on it. However, the majority are good to their word.

Angeles City was better as an all out fuck experience whereas I felt

Pattaya was better for an all around vacation experience. Either

place, you get laid any time you want. I would work out before

traveling to these destinations You will be worn out within days if

you dont

My advice is to go there while you are still young. A lot of older

guys go, but believe me, they can't enjoy it fully. A young guy in his

20s would be fucking every minute while the older guy would grow tired

after the first few experiences. Angeles City is the place to go if

you want sex...a few other destinations are good too but Angeles is

the one place where you can get it done at the cheapest price...
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