The Brothers Winston and Friends

Several days have past since being with the 3 brothers.. My body needed to recover from what it just went through.. All I've done has been lounge around the house and pool.. 

It was Thursday night close to 11.. I was laying in bed reading a book.. Aunt Mary had gone to bed for the night. There was a tap on my window and I looked to see Danny standing there...I got up and let him in the sliding door.. Seeing him made my pussy awaken instantly.. He leaned down and gave me a softy sweet kiss and a hug.. "I was happy to see your bedroom light on. I wanted to see you". We sat down on the couch and started making out..And he really is a good kisser.. He pulled me on top of him and wrapped his big arms around me. Pulling me even more closer.. He was still sitting up with me on his lap.. My chest pressed against his.. His lips leave mine and start kissing my neck.. Pushing the strap of my shirt out of his way, he kisses down my chest till his mouth latches onto my nipple.. He sucks on it lightly at first.. With his hand he rolls the other nipple between his fingers.. He pulled away and said " hey Hey you're getting a little loud and we dont want to wake Aunt Mary.. Lets get a blanket and go out past the pool.." Sounded good to me so I grabbed the comforter and Danny got us 2 cokes.. I made sure the outside lights were turned off and we went out.. The moon was out but only half showed.. Which gave us enough light to see... This is going to be a first for me. Never had sex outside in the wide open.. No way to do that in NY.. Except in a car parked on a dark street..

Danny spread the blanket out on the grass.. There was a dog barking off in the distance.. Then Danny lit up a big fat joint and took a big hit before passing it to me.. I took a hit just not as big as his and past it back to him.. I sat down and kicked off my flip flops..I never even bothered to get dressed.. Just had my tank top on and my pink panties.. Danny removed his shirt and shorts throwing them to the side.. He took another big hit before sitting down.. We past the joint back and forth till there was almost nothing left.. Danny smiles at me and says " you know its not fair that I'm the only one naked here." I just had to laugh.. That's what I said the other night... I gladly pulled my top off and stood up right next to him.. I slowly remove my panties giving him a nice show... Danny wasted no time.. He pushed my legs apart and dove face first into my pussy, licking my clit with a frenzy.. I had to hold his head to keep my balance.. Just as I was about to cum he pulled away... He layed down on his back and his cock standing straight up.. I didn't want him to stop eating me , so I straddled his head and leaned over taking his whole cock into my mouth... His tongue darted in and out of my pussy hole.. Then he'd flick over my clit but going straight back to my hole.. He took my inner pussy lips into his mouth and began to suck on them.. harder and harder... Again with the pleasure and pain.. It just Hurts so good.. I sucked his cock even harder... He he could feel my vocal cords vibrate when I moaned.. And just as I am about to cum again he pulls away... I cry out in aggony.. He moves out from between my legs and pulls me by the arm up to him... In the sexiest voice I've ever heard Danny said " I want you to ride me." I gladly stood up and then lowered myself down onto his cock.. Once he was all the way in I began to bounce on his cock.. Having my feet flat on the floor and holding his hands helped me keep my balance to bounce... It was his turn to moan loud now.. That dog off in the distance started to bark again.. 

Danny never stood a chance once I started bouncing.. I was in control now... When I started to cum, it triggered his orgasm... I collapsed on top of him... Both of us are gasping for air... I slowly roll off him and lay in his arm next to him... We dont speak for several minutes till finally Danny says " Lily what happened the other night with all of us was incredible.. I never in million years ever thought I would have been involved in something like that.. I just want to you to know that I like you... So does Jimmy and Dave.. We like you alot.. and we just wanted you to know that." "I like all 3 of you guys too.. I've always had the fantasy about 2 guys but having 3 was even better.. And for some strange reason I felt safe with all 3 of you.. I just somehow knew you wouldn't hurt me.."I then looked up and continued to say " The way you got rough with me turned me on like never before.. I guess in a way its like being willingly raped.. or gangbanged..." I got quiet for a couple of minutes... I dont think either of us knew what to say... "Would you want more guys?" he asks.. " I dont know, never thought about it.. I guess... maybe.. " "Jimmy, Dave and myself are going fishing this weekend and we wondered if you would like to come along??" " I've never been camping and I doubt my Aunt would let me go with 3 guys.. " " Dont worry about your Aunt, she'll let you.. Let me deal with that.. Ok?" OK 

Danny Helped me carrying everything back into the house before he left.. The next day Aunt Mary and I went food shopping.. I nearly had a heart attack with her driving.. She drives a big old buick on the little country roads.. I was never so thankful to pull into a parking lot.. Aunt Mary was buying food I liked.. We ran into Mrs Winston with our cart.." Hi Mary they say in unison.. Guess Mrs Winstons name is Mary too.. They chit chatted while I looked for tuna fish.. " O Lily the boys tell me you have never in your life been camping. " then she turns to Aunt Mary continuing " Danny told me its cause she is afraid of wild animals getting her".. And she giggled... So did Aunt Mary... I stood there thinking... What the Hell??? Then I caught on... This is how Danny was planning to get me to come... So I turn and say in a little girl voice " but they will get me".. " O Lily dont be silly.. Nothing will get you... You should go with the boys this weekend.. They'll show you.. All 3 of my boys were boy scouts.." "I'm afraid" is all I say... That's when Aunt Mary said " Lily you would be perfectly safe.. Those 3 boys wouldn't let anything hurt you.. I think you should go and get over your fear.".. I looked down at my feet and said " I dont know , maybe.. I have to think about it." "Lily I promise you, it will be ok" said Mrs Winston.. I stood there quietly for several seconds.. I didn't want to seem anxious.. I finally said " Ok" very low.. Aunt Mary patted my shoulder saying " You'll be just fine."...

Saturday morning we left to go camping for the night... I even cried a little before we left for effect... Once we drove away out of sight Jimmy says " did you get them?" Dave says " Yes" and holds up a pair of keys.. Jimmy then says "did you put the fakes in place?".. " Yes, they'll never notice grandpa's cabin keys gone"... we drove for about an hour before we left the main hwy onto a much smaller road.. Then we made a few turns.. there were so many trees... All big and green... Finally we pulled off onto a dirt road and drove for another 10 minutes.. It was bright and sunny but now its dark with all the trees.. Their leafs are blocking out the sun... Kinda scary.. In the middle of all this is a cabin.. 
We came to a stop and got out... We really are in the middle of no where... No one could ever heard us here is all I am thinking... I get excited thinking about it... Dave unlocks the front door and we go in... The inside isn't too bad.. Its one giant kitchen/living room and it looks like it has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom of it.. The kitchen has a stove,fridge , a sink and some cabinets, with a Large wooden table.. the living room has 2 big sofa's a chair and a fireplace.. Exposed beams going across the whole large room.. They guys carried some food in.. Danny dropped a huge bag of pot on the table.. I had brought some too so I took it out of my bag along with my bong and placed it on the table also... Jimmy looked at it all and said " O hell yeah" 

 Doing this several times... Jimmy and Dave held my legs up and spread wide... Giving Joey easy access to my ass and giving me a perfect view to watch... John moved a little so I could still suck his cock and watch Joey at the same time... Joey guided his cock to my ass opening.. He pushed the head in slowly... I could see it disappear in... Joey took some of my wetness and rub it around his shaft before he started to push deeper... Danny puts his head next to mine... "you like watching that slide into you dont you Lily? You want to see it go deeper dont you? Dont you Lily?" I did... I so very did... I moaned in approval... I watched Joey sink his entire cock right into my ass.... 

I hear car doors slam and I turned to look.. All of us were in the house, who was outside? In walked 1, 2 , 3 guys... I didn't know what to think.. The approached the table where I was sitting and said Hi.. Jimmy introduced them as Billy, he is really tall with bright red hair and a decent body.. The next guy is John, he's short compared to the rest of them.. He has long dirty blonde hair and is very sexy.. And finally there's Joey.. He has dark hair , olive complextion and beautiful dark blue eyes... He looks like all the guys I'm used too just much hotter.. I'm still kinda frightened I look at Danny and then excuse myself.. I head into 1 of the bedrooms.. Danny follows me in... "Lily is something wrong?" "Danny why are they here?" "You know why.. If you dont want to you just have to say no, but if you want to try we can... and if you want to stop all you have to do is say so.. " I sit down on the bed... I'm so turned on I think that's what is scaring me.. I must be weird cause I want to be fucked like this... And GOD do I want it... Danny came over and kneeled in front of me.. " Lily no one will hurt you... we wont go further than you allow us too. Just say Stop and it will stop.. " I look in his eyes and knows he means it... I nod yes... He takes me by the hand and walks me back out to the table... By now everyone had the bong going and beers being past around.. Jimmy brought cokes knowing I dont like beer... Danny and I joined right in... I lost count after the bowl was filled for the 7th time.. We were all laughing and joking... I was still sitting in the Chair when Jimmy started massaging my shoulders... His hands were big and strong, they felt really good... Dave was sitting next to me and he started to rub my right thigh... Jimmy decided my shirt was in his way so he pulled it off leaving only my bra... Everyone went quiet and just watched... Jimmys hands left my shoulders sliding down the front to my tits.. He slide his fingers into my bra cups and pinched both nipples at the same time... Dave has rubbed up my thigh to my inner thighs... Pushing my shorts and panties aside had his fingers all over my clit... I opened my eyes to see Danny, Billy, John and Joey all staring at me... Jimmy unhooked my bra throwing it across the room exposing my tits completely to all 6 guys.. " Lay her on the table " I hear Danny say... Jimmy and Dave Pick me up and lay me flat on the table.. Dave pulled my shorts and panties off in 1 swift motion... I closed my eyes and layed there docile.. Let them do whatever they want... I can hear clothes being removed... I dont know by who... I just kept my eyes closed..I felt a cock at my lips and I just opened to let it enter... I knew it was Dave.. I turned my upper body slightly to suck him better... I Love Daves cock in my mouth... Its a perfect fit... I dont like Jimmy as much in my mouth but love him in my pussy... And Dannys cock was just made for my ass... But these 3 new guys, I have no idea what their cocks are like... I felts someones lips on my pussy.. I hear Danny say " touch her" as he grabs my nipple.. I instantly moan with Dave dick in my throat.." see she likes it... " I felt more fingers on my other nipple... this time it was soft and gentle... "Harder" Danny says... the fingers pinch a little harder.. Danny says in a low tone. " She likes its it Very hard" The fingers pinched so hard and Dave shoved his cock all the way down my throat.. I scream with Pleasure, pain and orgasm.. all at once... 

My pussy this whole time has been getting licked up and down, teasing... I opened my eyes to see Billy standing over me pinching my nipple and Danny on the other side of him.. Joey has been the one between my legs... He definitely knows what he is doing... I didn't want him to stop... He got up on the table lifted up my ass and slammed his cock right into my pussy... I screammed again from the pleasure and pain... Danny walked over and bent down... He whispered into my ear.. " Remember you can always say stop.. We wont stop till you say so.." He then leaned in much closer.. His lips were touching my lobes.. " We are going to fuck every hole you have all night long. we wont stop.. we are going to have our way with you all weekend , whenever we want to..." There has to be something wrong with me because I am so turned on right now.. I cant wait to see what happens next... Dave pulls his cock out and I hear Danny say " John, stick your cock in"... I didn't even look up... I felt his cock at my lips and I opened up... Joey was still fucking my pussy hard... He's not as thick as Dave but he isn't bad...He fells nice in my pussy... Danny leans down to my ear again.. He continues on " Every one here is going to fuck your mouth , pussy and ass anytime we want too this weekend.." Johns cock feels about the same as Joeys.. With my free hand I felt around till I found billys cock... He was thick... Thick like Dave.. I started Jerking his cock... No reason for him not to get some pleasure... Danny whispers " Open your eyes Lily... Watch Joey put his cock in your ass.. " I didn't open them at first... I felt Joey take his cock out of my pussy and rub it up and down my ass...
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